Pumped Hydro (Community) Energy Storage Strathbogie Seymour


ARENA presented this early report as a starting conversation about the benefits of PHES. Good for some direction as to what is possible.

Pumped hydro storage design beats expectations


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Seymour – Trawool Reservoir



Australian National University and ARENA: Researching the PHES possibilities across the country.


Australian National University will be mapping PHES across the country – Strathbogie/Seymour are at the cutting edge for community energy projects. Here is the link.

ANU to map pumped hydro storage potential to back wind and solar


GETTING STARTED: Community energy and Melbourne Energy Institute (University of Melbourne)


Meetings are starting.

Community is involved.

Pumped Hydro Energy Storage Community Energy Project is UNDERWAY.

Professor Roger Dargaville from the Melbourne Energy Institute from the University of Melbourne is bringing his research skills and providing critical and rigorous guidance as the project develops.

We will be well underway with our pre-feasibility study  by the end of 2016.

This is very gratifying given the great deal of community energy which has already been expended on getting us this far.

Apart from our interesting project in the Strathbogies and Trawool ARENA is presently supporting the work of the ANU which is developing a map of all the possible PHES sites along the Great Dividing Range.  We will post their work as it develops.  Professor Andrew Blackers and Associate Professor Kylie Catchpole have both been interested in how we are going and asked for reports as we progress.

Community Energy – PHES Strathbogie and Seymour


The Strathbogie Seymour Community Energy Alliance is off and running. This is where the news and views will be.



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